What We Do


Simply put, we assist churches! 


The following are the specific ways we carry out our mission of Assisting Churches to carry out their Great Commission Responsibilities.


  1. Assisting Churches In Starting New Churches
  • Coordinate a process of church planting involving planters, local churches of all 

       sizes, the association, and state conventions

  • Lead in the assessment of church planter candidates
  • Provide coaching and guidance to planters
  • Provide budget and special projects funding for church plants
  • Assist churches in equipping future planters through an internship process


  1. Assisting Churches In Church Health and Revitalization
  • Assist churches in strategic planning and vision-casting through a facilitated


  • Partner with churches to fund and carry out training, outreach, ministry and

       mission projects

  • Partner with the Oakwood Counseling Center to provide reliable and affordable

       professional Christian counseling for church members

  • Partner with churches to provide sabbaticals for pastors
  • Provide articles and other current information relevant to local churches
  • Assist churches with pulpit supply and interim pastors as needed
  • Assist churches with ordination processes and ordination services
  • Assist churches in conflict management
  • Help churches identify and tap into resources and ministry opportunities


  1. Assisting Churches In Equipping Church Leaders
  • Provide a formal coaching process for pastors and other church leaders
  • Provide workshops, fellowships, and conferences for church leaders (both

       ministerial and administrative)

  • Provide monthly “Skill Builder” lunches for pastors and other church leaders
  • Provide training for specific church leadership teams (staff teams, deacons, pastor

       search teams, administrative teams, etc.)

  • Provide P.L.A.C.E. assessment and training for church leadership teams (via our

       account with www.placeministries.org)

  • Provide an annual Oasis Retreat for  ministry couples
  • Provide quarterly fellowship gatherings for pastors’ wives
  • Provide an associational office for use by church leaders as a ministry center for

       meetings, projects, and administrative helps.

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