Pastor Search Team Assistance

There are many ways in which you can obtain resumes for various ministerial positions. We keep resumes of available pastors/staff ministers on file at the Association office and will respond to your request for resumes.
Instructions for the Search Committee:
The Pastor Search Committee Workbook is a guide to assist search committees in their work. The Workbook can be used to facilitate the search for any ministerial staff member.

This is the Table of Contents to help you

evaluate how you might use the Workbook: 

Chapter Titles    

  • Now That Our Pastor Has Left, What Should We Do First?              
  • Electing the Pastor Search Committee                                                
  • Appendix 1:  Election Ballot: Pastor Search Committee                   
  • Check list for the Pastor Search Committee’s First Meeting             
  • Who Will Preach For Us?                                                                      
  • Appendix 2: Job Description Worksheet for Interim Pastor              
  • Appendix 3:  Church Questionnaire                                                       
  • Who Develops the Job Description and Compensation Package?      
  • Appendix 4:  Sample Job Description                                                  
  • Appendix 5:  Compensation Worksheet                                               
  • Putting Together a Church Information Packet                                    
  • Critical Agreements and Considerations                                               
  • Code of Ethics                                                                                          
  • Pastor Search Committee Expenses                                                       
  • The Process of Finding a Pastor: Search Etiquette                               
  • Making a Second Visit with the Candidate                                             
  • Appendix 6: Personal Evaluation                                                            
  • Appendix 7: Letter to Candidate‚Äôs References                                      
  • Appendix 8: Personal Reference Information Form                             
  • Appendix 9: Prospective Minister’s Sermon Evaluation Form             
  • Appendix 10: Important Questions to Ask the Prospective Pastor      
  • How to Present the Candidate to the Congregation                               
  • How to Make a Recommendation and Vote on the Pastoral Candidate
  • Appendix 11: Sample Covenant between Church and Pastor