Our History


  The association, now known as Bluebonnet Baptist Association, was established in 1858.  The association was the first form of cooperation among Baptist churches. The first mission activities of Baptists were through associations.

          The current direction of BBA came under the leadership Dr. J.K. Minton who led the association to define it’s purpose of “Assisting Churches” starting in the late 90s. This was a time of controversy and change among Great Commission Baptists in the state.  A second state convention had just been formed and churches were having to decide with whom to affiliate.  This presented BBA with the opportunity to define itself autonomously from any other entity.  

          Instead of functioning as the “field office” of the denomination as associations often had in the past, Dr. Minton guided the association to focus on assisting churches.  The association reserved the right to partner with any other entity whenever it benefited BBA churches, but the association would maintain its functional autonomy at all times.

          The New Testament ideal behind BBA’s mission statement is that the local church is the main entity in furthering the gospel and building the kingdom of God.  Para-church organizations like BBA ought to assist, not subvert or bypass, the local church.


          In 2010, Robby Partain assumed the role of BBA Executive Director and has continued to implement this philosophy through budgeting, staffing, and programming decisions.  Robby echo’s the sentiment of the original vision and passionately states, “We are radically focused on assisting churches and not doing anything else!”