Bluebonnet Baptist Association
Sunday, November 28, 2021
Assisting Churches

Stewardship Resources


Resources for Teaching Stewardship

-     “What the Bible Says About…” (verses on financial topics)

-      “What Did Jesus Actually Have to Say About Money?” (article)

-      “7 Pillars of Biblical Stewardship” (group study)

-     “Generous Life” church-wide resource for creating a culture of generosity - 5 wk study

-      Crown Financial Resources (stewardship education tools from the organization

       founded by Larry Burkett)

-     Resources from Ron Blue

-     Resources from Dave Ramsey

-     Resources for Churches and Church Leaders


Legacy Giving Resources 


-     “Stewardship that Outlasts You” –  Biblical rationale for legacy giving in support of

       local kingdom work

-     Southern Baptist Foundation     

-     My Legacy of Faith

-     HighGround Advisors (formerly Baptist Foundation of TX)

-     Southern Baptists of Texas Foundation

 -     CIS Wealth Management
-     “Organizational Tool for Vital Information”
-     Schedule a Legacy Giving Presentation for Your Church 
-     Schedule a “Lunch and Learn” for Your Group
-     Twenty-Four 3 Management (stewardship campaign and other resources from Pat Hail)